the trees are growing thicker
The party at the start of the session was in a dragon nest with a party member on the ground and unconscious. Berek woke up the naxt day and had had a vision, in which he had seen a dead elf under some of the brush at the bottom of the nest. the rangers and the party members found this elf and underneath him they found a flat stone surface which gave them all a feeling that there was something unique about the dragon nest. the stone yielded nothing though, so they followed the tracks that had been left by two elves who had survived a battle in the nest. they followed the tracks to a clearing where they found both elves flawlessly assassinated without a trace. they decided to continue on in the direction the elves had been going. as they went in this direction the trees began to thicken until they were almost 25 feet thick. as they were walking they were suddenoly charged by 10 drow warriors. a long and weary fight ensued, in which time their elf prisoner escaped. after the battle Berek, Halloran, Louse, and one of the other rangers went off in search of the elf. after a two day chase they caught him and brought him back to the party. they were then confronted by an elf named Silthor, who said that (after tense negogtiations,) that he would allow Berek, Halloran, Heinrich, Zyrock, and one other ranger, named Rodrick, to speak with the queen of the elves. when they met with the queen they were able to come to an agreement in which the PC’s alone, (she did not trust the rangers) would escort an elvish ambassador to the human camp they cmae from. they would then make an agreement there as well, and then escort the elf back to the queen. the queen also gave them a chest of rewards for defeating the drow war party. they are preparing to leave on their next quest, and that is where they stopped the session.
were going back to that place?
the party very quickly set off once more headed down the familiar trail to the dragon nest they had gone to on their first quest. on the way there they came across a smaller dragon nest. there they found and captured a violent elf rogue who earned a grudge from Halloran by stabbing him. the elf did not have much new information for them, but the PC’s kept him with them as they arrived at the second dragon nest from their first mission. there they found Ferhago along with two of his rangers waiting for them. he explained that his rangers had come back to the nest recently and found signs of a battle between a small group of elves and some orcs. he said that Louse and the others of his ranger squad had gone off after the surviving elves tracks in search of ann elf village, (something that the humans had been unable to find despite their 2 years living on the island.) but as Ferhago explained this Berek entered the nest and after reaching the center of it his eyes glowed green for about 10 seconds before he collapsed on the ground unconscious. everyone in the nest was frightened by this, and even more so when the expert ranger medic and all present could identify nothing unusual about Berek. the party is now tensely watching and waiting for Berek to wake up, and planning to go after the elf tracks once he does so as to possibly make contact.
there and back again
the party took a few days preparing in the camp with Gargle, their new goblin prisoner. they pulled a trick on him which made him think he would burn to a crisp if he was unloyal to them, and he told them about the different native forces on the island. he told them of the drow and the elves, who were at odds with eachother and had been for as long as either indefinetly living race could remember. he also told them of the two warring tribes of orcs, in whose war he had been a soldier in. after 3 days of preparation they were atlast ready to go. their plan when they set out was to map the island, but after two days of uneventful travelling they were tired already, which made Heinrich the dwarf quite relieved and excited when they spotted drow in the distance. in a short-lived slaughter the party annihilated the unsuspecting drow in something that could hardly have been called dangerous. they took the two drow who were lucky enough to survive, (even though they were bloody and battered) and returned back to the camp with them as prisoners. the humans at the camp were suprised to see them back so soon, for it would have taken far more than 5 days to map the entire island. Joshua saw that going around the entire coast of the island was an inneficient way of mapping it. he suggested they go on important missions and continue to map the island, so that as they did more and more important things they would show important places on the map. so the party planned to go back to the second dragon nest from their first quest where Ferhago’s rangers had found peculiar signs.
the return journey
the next day as the group of rangers along with the PC’s headed home nothing happened, but that night, the rangers dissapeared for awhile, and then at around midnight Ferhago came back with some startling news. he said that the rangers had spotted a large party of assorted goblinoids—(goblinoids being goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs). he said that there were enough of them that the rangers could not handle all of them, and that they needed the PC’s to take on the small group of six archers, providing the only ranged support to the goblinoid. (note that the rangers and all the people in actuality just called them orcs, but inferred that they were goblinoids.) the party were able to suprise the goblinoids (i’ll refer to them as orcs too) and after trying unseccesfully to take them out at a distance with their ranged gear Berek charged them and then proceeded to club them down one by one until there was one left, who they took as a prisoner. Ferhago congratulated them on this prisoner, as the humans in their entire two years surviving on the island had never cought one of the elusive natives. after walking to the camp on a rainy next day they arrived home to find themselves famous for taking a prisoner. Joshua congratulated them and they set up a plan to get this goblin (for he told them he was a goblin) to help them map out the island.
the test
after a day of training, Joshua said that they were ready to be tested on a quest. he introduced them to Ferhago, a ranger wizard whose squad was to guide them to a nest of large lizards, whom the humans had christened dragons, even though they were not really dragons. after another days worth of preparation, (in which Ferhago tested their ability to pack for a group on their own) they set off.Ferhago and the five other rangers in his force told the PC’s that they were there merely as a method to prevent disaster or correct anything the party did wrong, so they had the PC’s navigate and do most of anything for the trip. after a days travelling they came across a rogue elf hiding in a tree. before any of the PC’s coud do anything Louse, (Ferhago‘s second in command along with several of the other rangers, had shot the vagabond down. they then found the elf’s hideout and Halloran, bieng a rogue, made off with several nicknacks that the rangers did not notice before he did. (of course, none of the rangers knew this.) they on the next day made it to the dragon nests indicated as their mission. they had some trouble taking down the lizards in the first nest, and afterward the rangers had to revive Zyrock, but on the second nest they performed a flawless and silent execution, so that none of the sleeping lizards in the nest (it was nighttime)woke up outside 10 seconds before bieng executed. this quite thuroughly impressed Ferhago and he from then on held the party in a much higher respect. the party and the rangers then stayed the rest of the night in the nest and planned for the two day trip back to the human camp in the morning.
what happened here?
four people woke up on a beach and even though they were a dwarf, elf, and two humans they all spoke the same language. none of them knew anything about themselves (except they strangely all remembered their names) and they were all in very bedraggled gear. their first waking day they scouted out the small island they were on and found a sword which had unidentifiable divine magic on it. they found some carnivorous seagulls and a large lizard. they also found two boats, which they used to sail into a cove on a mucgh larger island which theirs was only a break off of. in the cove they found a camp full of humans led by a man named Joshua. he told them each of their individual stories, (as far as he knew them) and that the camp was made of a stranded elire war party from a country called Argo. he said that Berek had been a field general in their force, who had captured Halloran the elf along with the help of Heinrich; a rogue dwarf who joined the human army, and Zyrock the human sorcerer. Halloran had told them that he knew where elves lived and that he could take them to the elves, so 1 week previously they had gotten on a small boat with the prisoner and gone off to sea. that was the last time Joshua had seen them. Joshua also said (after having a cleric check them) that he believed their explanation of what had happened to them, and that he would send them on a quest with a ranger named Ferhago to test their skills, so long as they were willing to help the humans. the PC’s accepted, and that was where the firsat session ended.
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