what happened here?

four people woke up on a beach and even though they were a dwarf, elf, and two humans they all spoke the same language. none of them knew anything about themselves (except they strangely all remembered their names) and they were all in very bedraggled gear. their first waking day they scouted out the small island they were on and found a sword which had unidentifiable divine magic on it. they found some carnivorous seagulls and a large lizard. they also found two boats, which they used to sail into a cove on a mucgh larger island which theirs was only a break off of. in the cove they found a camp full of humans led by a man named Joshua. he told them each of their individual stories, (as far as he knew them) and that the camp was made of a stranded elire war party from a country called Argo. he said that Berek had been a field general in their force, who had captured Halloran the elf along with the help of Heinrich; a rogue dwarf who joined the human army, and Zyrock the human sorcerer. Halloran had told them that he knew where elves lived and that he could take them to the elves, so 1 week previously they had gotten on a small boat with the prisoner and gone off to sea. that was the last time Joshua had seen them. Joshua also said (after having a cleric check them) that he believed their explanation of what had happened to them, and that he would send them on a quest with a ranger named Ferhago to test their skills, so long as they were willing to help the humans. the PC’s accepted, and that was where the firsat session ended.



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