the test

after a day of training, Joshua said that they were ready to be tested on a quest. he introduced them to Ferhago, a ranger wizard whose squad was to guide them to a nest of large lizards, whom the humans had christened dragons, even though they were not really dragons. after another days worth of preparation, (in which Ferhago tested their ability to pack for a group on their own) they set off.Ferhago and the five other rangers in his force told the PC’s that they were there merely as a method to prevent disaster or correct anything the party did wrong, so they had the PC’s navigate and do most of anything for the trip. after a days travelling they came across a rogue elf hiding in a tree. before any of the PC’s coud do anything Louse, (Ferhago‘s second in command along with several of the other rangers, had shot the vagabond down. they then found the elf’s hideout and Halloran, bieng a rogue, made off with several nicknacks that the rangers did not notice before he did. (of course, none of the rangers knew this.) they on the next day made it to the dragon nests indicated as their mission. they had some trouble taking down the lizards in the first nest, and afterward the rangers had to revive Zyrock, but on the second nest they performed a flawless and silent execution, so that none of the sleeping lizards in the nest (it was nighttime)woke up outside 10 seconds before bieng executed. this quite thuroughly impressed Ferhago and he from then on held the party in a much higher respect. the party and the rangers then stayed the rest of the night in the nest and planned for the two day trip back to the human camp in the morning.



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