the return journey

the next day as the group of rangers along with the PC’s headed home nothing happened, but that night, the rangers dissapeared for awhile, and then at around midnight Ferhago came back with some startling news. he said that the rangers had spotted a large party of assorted goblinoids—(goblinoids being goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs). he said that there were enough of them that the rangers could not handle all of them, and that they needed the PC’s to take on the small group of six archers, providing the only ranged support to the goblinoid. (note that the rangers and all the people in actuality just called them orcs, but inferred that they were goblinoids.) the party were able to suprise the goblinoids (i’ll refer to them as orcs too) and after trying unseccesfully to take them out at a distance with their ranged gear Berek charged them and then proceeded to club them down one by one until there was one left, who they took as a prisoner. Ferhago congratulated them on this prisoner, as the humans in their entire two years surviving on the island had never cought one of the elusive natives. after walking to the camp on a rainy next day they arrived home to find themselves famous for taking a prisoner. Joshua congratulated them and they set up a plan to get this goblin (for he told them he was a goblin) to help them map out the island.



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