there and back again

the party took a few days preparing in the camp with Gargle, their new goblin prisoner. they pulled a trick on him which made him think he would burn to a crisp if he was unloyal to them, and he told them about the different native forces on the island. he told them of the drow and the elves, who were at odds with eachother and had been for as long as either indefinetly living race could remember. he also told them of the two warring tribes of orcs, in whose war he had been a soldier in. after 3 days of preparation they were atlast ready to go. their plan when they set out was to map the island, but after two days of uneventful travelling they were tired already, which made Heinrich the dwarf quite relieved and excited when they spotted drow in the distance. in a short-lived slaughter the party annihilated the unsuspecting drow in something that could hardly have been called dangerous. they took the two drow who were lucky enough to survive, (even though they were bloody and battered) and returned back to the camp with them as prisoners. the humans at the camp were suprised to see them back so soon, for it would have taken far more than 5 days to map the entire island. Joshua saw that going around the entire coast of the island was an inneficient way of mapping it. he suggested they go on important missions and continue to map the island, so that as they did more and more important things they would show important places on the map. so the party planned to go back to the second dragon nest from their first quest where Ferhago’s rangers had found peculiar signs.



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