were going back to that place?

the party very quickly set off once more headed down the familiar trail to the dragon nest they had gone to on their first quest. on the way there they came across a smaller dragon nest. there they found and captured a violent elf rogue who earned a grudge from Halloran by stabbing him. the elf did not have much new information for them, but the PC’s kept him with them as they arrived at the second dragon nest from their first mission. there they found Ferhago along with two of his rangers waiting for them. he explained that his rangers had come back to the nest recently and found signs of a battle between a small group of elves and some orcs. he said that Louse and the others of his ranger squad had gone off after the surviving elves tracks in search of ann elf village, (something that the humans had been unable to find despite their 2 years living on the island.) but as Ferhago explained this Berek entered the nest and after reaching the center of it his eyes glowed green for about 10 seconds before he collapsed on the ground unconscious. everyone in the nest was frightened by this, and even more so when the expert ranger medic and all present could identify nothing unusual about Berek. the party is now tensely watching and waiting for Berek to wake up, and planning to go after the elf tracks once he does so as to possibly make contact.



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