the trees are growing thicker

The party at the start of the session was in a dragon nest with a party member on the ground and unconscious. Berek woke up the naxt day and had had a vision, in which he had seen a dead elf under some of the brush at the bottom of the nest. the rangers and the party members found this elf and underneath him they found a flat stone surface which gave them all a feeling that there was something unique about the dragon nest. the stone yielded nothing though, so they followed the tracks that had been left by two elves who had survived a battle in the nest. they followed the tracks to a clearing where they found both elves flawlessly assassinated without a trace. they decided to continue on in the direction the elves had been going. as they went in this direction the trees began to thicken until they were almost 25 feet thick. as they were walking they were suddenoly charged by 10 drow warriors. a long and weary fight ensued, in which time their elf prisoner escaped. after the battle Berek, Halloran, Louse, and one of the other rangers went off in search of the elf. after a two day chase they caught him and brought him back to the party. they were then confronted by an elf named Silthor, who said that (after tense negogtiations,) that he would allow Berek, Halloran, Heinrich, Zyrock, and one other ranger, named Rodrick, to speak with the queen of the elves. when they met with the queen they were able to come to an agreement in which the PC’s alone, (she did not trust the rangers) would escort an elvish ambassador to the human camp they cmae from. they would then make an agreement there as well, and then escort the elf back to the queen. the queen also gave them a chest of rewards for defeating the drow war party. they are preparing to leave on their next quest, and that is where they stopped the session.



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